The Hair Project - English/Spanish Version

The Hair Project - English/Spanish Version

Hidden Talents are an amazing thing.  Also culture works well when it is blended with business.  Ivan Betancourt hasn't been at Cliff Barber Shop very long however he is making an amazing impact on the business.  He's a talented young man with a passion for expression.  This was a project that Ivan headed up and we tend to be open to passion filled projects like this one. Ivan has a strong Hispanic heritage and he is very proud.  We have made a Spanish and English version of our video for your viewing pleasure.  We hope you enjoy this video short and don't forget to stop by Cliff Barber Shop sometime this month to check out the hair art and take pictures in person. The project is located next door to the Rockwood Location on Highway 70  across from the Roane State Expo Center. 



Spanish Version

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