Style Profile

Style Profile

About the cut 

  • This hair cut starts out with a straight razor at the bottom and is finished off with a clean shear cut on top with a part line cut in.  
  • Followed up by a bit of dapper palmed to make the hair slick and shiny.
  •  Also a complimentary razor neck shave for those pesky unwanted back hairs that connect to your neck that sometimes make you look like a grizzly bear. 


About our Services 

At cliff barber shop you will find a decade team that not only have years of experience but we also keep up with styles and offer that extra step that gives you a clean sharp look.   If you like to feel confident that you getting great service look no further.  


Special Thanks 

We are proud of all our local support over that last 35 years that has made our business awesome we look forward to continual improvement that will help meet all of our customers needs.  Our family thank you

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