Local serviceman deploys to Middle East

Local serviceman deploys to Middle East


The staff here at Cliff Barber Shop want to wish Josh Boles a safe deployment this week to the Middle East. Josh is assigned to the Army Reserves 844th Engineer Battalion out of Knoxville. But he and one other member of that battalion were recently called up to active duty with the 854th Engineer Battalion out of New York. He learned just 4 days ago about his deployment so he's been busy preparing for active duty. Josh says its been a very emotional time for his family and friends. "Their emotions are showing because I'm leaving but I don't have time to feel those emotions right now because I've got so much to do and I've just got to keep my head where it needs to be." Despite his deployment to that part of the world Josh says he's looking forward to the adventure and making new friends. "I'm excited. I'm a people person and I went into the service not knowing a soul and since then I've made lifelong friends so I'm sure I'll make new friends over there too."Josh isn't  sure how long he'll be gone. When he returns to the States he says he'll decide if he wants to remain in the Army reserves and make it his career. Our best wishes to Josh and his family as he joins the other men and women of the U.S. Military serving in the Middle East.


  • David Lane

    Thank you for your service to all of us and our country. You will be in my prayers. May God keep you, protect you and give you peace.

  • Sherry Bohanan

    Will pray for you daily Joshie.Love you bunches young man!

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