Hair Cuts and Screaming Children

If you a concerned parent dealing with a non corporative child in the barber chair this blog post is for you. 


The Kids

If you're wondering who to be concerned about it is obviously your child.  Every year thousands of children get into the barber chair and turn into the most wild version of themselves you have ever seen.  Yes, worse than the doctor, worse than the dentist, it just happens and a lot of times there are only a few things you can do to help your child thru this problem. 

  1. It helps to take your child to the barber with you when they are younger to get used to the atmosphere. Sometimes even having a memory of the local place will give them a feeling of comfort and they won't have as much of that stranger danger syndrome.
  2. Prepare them for their hair cut the evening before by telling them what they will be doing.  Most of the time the barbers have a small treat for the child so remind them of positives things that will happen after they get their hair cut.
  3. if your aware of your child having sensory disorders or any type of diagnosed problem don't be afraid to discuss this with your barber prior to the hair cut.  We can drape the barbers cape very loosely around the neck to provide less strain on the skin.  If the child really can't stand cut hair touching their face this is a great time to introduce the child to a neck duster and let them hold it and help brush the hair off their face when they want to. 
  4. If your child is mildly upset and approaching the breaking point ask the barber to give the child the treat just a little bit early to promote a positive first time experience.

Past the Breaking Point 

If your saying yeh, yeh  I've done all that and its not working so no one wants to deal with him!  Think again!

Find the right person once your sure you have a battle on your hands that will stick with the child and give him the best hair cut possible despite him moving all over the place, yelling screaming, crying, what ever.

Sometimes dealing with a problem child is like breaking in a bull; they will buck and buck no matter what you do and there's nothing you can do except hold on for dear life and let it happen.  The worst thing you can do is give up. If you find someone that seems aggravated with your child its time to move on to a new barber. 

Tips for Bucking Bulls

If you have diagnosed your child as a bucking bull in the hair cut category here are some useful tips:

  1. Don't be embarrassed!!  bring your "A" game and an extra pair of cloths for your child and you, because your about to get sweaty holding them down. 
  2. Bring a tag team , mom , dad, uncle and be sure to warn them you are not giving up the child is getting their hair cut no matter what!
  3. If the barber needs to get to the back of the child's neck, give the child a big hug and hold them firmly. Have alternate parents grab the legs while your holding them in your lap.
  4. Don't give up!  Every time you let your child win this battle you give them a mental win and they will do it again and again.  
  5. Hold the head in place firmly  with both hands while the barber is cutting the top.  Remember if little Johnny is acting like a 1980's head banging rocker it makes it quite difficult to use the clipper or shears around the head. Just remember "grab and hold".
Lastly just remember we are trained professionals and we have seen this time and time again. This is very common among little, strong willed boys. Over the last 15 years I have seen these wild children turn into wonderful teenagers and college kids who are now perfectly still in the barbers chair and can hold a amazingly intelligent conversation.

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