Hair Cut Styles

Hair Cut Styles

Whats your Style?

We don't feature our haircuts very often however I wanted to start documenting some of our requests to give the area an idea of our diverse style range.  Pretty much anything you see in magazines and latest trend hair cuts are some of our personal specialties and most requested.  If your looking for a top notch attention to detail haircut.  Cliff Barber Shop is definatly place to be.  

The Hair cut featured is a simple undercut rough draft.  This was a former chop shop (chain store)  victim that decided to try us out.  He ended up loving his cut and I love his hair color and deiced to show it off. 

Attention Newbies 

  Not only are we personable with our service we happen to enjoy our jobs as well.    So newbies to Cliff Barber Shop be confident that you are in the right place 

Special Thanks

thank you to all of our regulars who have made this business amazing

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