Cliff Story

Cliff Story


The beginning 

 In 1946 Cliff Gronda attended  barber college.  He and his wife Ernestine had 13 children in Grosse Ile Michigan where he began his business on Machom Street. 
Cliff's Original barber shop in Michigan

The inspiration 

Cliff Gronda was a pillar in the community and held a family reunion on the island  once a year to celebrate the familys Indian heritage and gather with life long friends.  His work ethic provided a picture capturing this celebration with people spelling out his last name.  
"indian corn Feast" Cliff Gronda's Back Yard 1996
Cliff Gronda

The growth 

 In 1978 Mike Gronda and his family moved to Tennessee and opened a barber shop.  In 2011,  the Cliff Barber Shop was called “46Central” after the year Cliff graduated from barber college. In 2015, the business moved into its first stand alone building and established the Cliff Product Co. The now established Cliff Barber Shop 


The generations 

When they were little, Cliff’s children and grand children were all inspired by the barbering lifestyle. Which was carried on by Michael Gronda and later his son, Zac Gronda. 


  • Craig Gronda

    Remembering Grandpa on his 20th anniversary…I got my hair cut today at a barbershop in AZ today…and the man who cut my hair smelled and touched my head as if he was my Grandfather many years ago..what an a amazing experience I had today
    I had to share this..
    Blessed to have known a great man and blessed to have such a wonderful family. Love Craig Gronda

  • Jeanne Krukowski

    How many years was your Grandpa Cliff a barber on Macomb St.? We would like to include some information on him in a Grosse Ile calendar that the Historical Society is putting together. Both my brothers loved going to Cliff as did so many young men and boys.

  • Elizabeth Lavoie

    Very interesting family history. Love the photos. Your mom and dad were wonderful people. So nice to connect with old friends. Thanks for putting this out there.

  • Jenine


  • peter

    so proud to be a grandson of Cliff……….grandpa

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