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Cliff Barber Shops - New EZ button

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 Cliff Barber Shop has just taken another major step in providing outstanding service to our customers. As we continue to get great reviews regarding our second location on Highway 27 in Harriman we've already developed a new service to help customers who find it difficult getting in for a haircut or shave during our regular business hours. Now, anyone who finds themselves desiring an "after hours" appointment can schedule a custom appointment by simply logging onto our website and clicking the "Book An Appointment" button. This new service will be available until 9 pm Monday through Thursday. We understand that not everyone's daily schedule falls within our business hours so for those of you who prefer the convenience of an after hours appointment we look forward to helping take some of the complications out of your day. The new service will be available at our Rockwood location for now but may expand to our Harriman location depending on how well it's received. Check out the new feature by clicking the blue book an appointment button above 


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