Cliff Barber Shop donates services to Haircuts For Students

On Wednesday, February 15th, Zac Gronda, owner of Cliff Barber Shop in Rockwood and Harriman took part in the first Haircuts for Students at Midtown Elementary in Harriman. The event was organized by Zac and school nurse Kim Corbin to help children of families who are less fortunate. "We have a lot of parents who work and try to provide and do well for their families but still it's just tough to try and makes ends meet sometimes." Student JR Mayhone shown here was the first of  approximately 30 boys and girls who had their hair cut. The school offered the service to all families and Cliff Barber Shop along with two other local businesses donated the time and services for the event. Corbin says she'd like to offer the service again sometime, perhaps as a back to school event in the Fall. "We have to depend on volunteers from the community because it's not the kind of service we can afford to provide."

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