Another Busy Day at Cliff Barber Shop Harriman

What a day it was at Cliff Barber Shop Harriman. Between customers we produced a promotional music video of our Cliff Mountain T Shirt line available at both the Harriman and Rockwood Stores. The video features the music of our super talented friend Louis Bello. Check out the video and Louis's music on our Facebook Page. If that wasn't enough we now have a new look for the entrance to the store featuring a large, handcrafted "Cliff Barber Shop" sign which was installed this afternoon with the help of a  6 man crew and a lot of elbow grease. The new sign really adds some life to the store front and should make our second location much more visible to motorists and other passersby along Highway 27. Many thanks to all involved in a very busy but very successful day at Cliff Barber Shop Harriman. Stop by to check out the store front and and to say hello to manager Caleb West or for a haircut or beard trim at Cliff Barber Shop 2 located across from Food City in the Roane Plaza.

Cliff Ts from cliffproduct on Vimeo.


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