Easter Greetings & Story Time - Cliff Barber Shop

Easter Greetings & Story Time - Cliff Barber Shop

 We know its easy to give in to shaving when your significant other happens to mention that shaggy beard on your face looks similar to a cave man and maybe those 3 day old potato chips might not be as humors to them as it is to you.  Our suggestion is to clean up and look sharp this Easter and remember that our Cliff Barber Shop Beard & Shaving Oil is for shaving too!

I recently had a conversation with one of our beard oil customers wives.  I was taking some web site photos at a local business in town and she worked in the offices area. She asked what I was photographing.  After realizing it was Cliff Barber Shop Beard & Shaving Oil she then proceeded to tell me about her husband asking her to smell his beard after he recently purchased some beard oil from us.  It made me laugh & proud knowing that good beard care is spreading in Roane County.

 Did you know our barber shop services Include:

Beard Trims and Face Shaves so if you don't feel messing with cleaning up for Easter just stop by Cliff Barber Shop and we can take care of it for you.

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